Tropical Indonesia Freshwater Fish Farm & Exotic Fish is specializing in breed and export / import live tropical Freshwater Fish, Turtle & Tortoise and also Reptile. We have a high quality stocks with competitive prices.

We take the greatest care to each specimen in our facilities to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. has acknowledge problems that often occur in this business i.e. death on arrival, size, quantity, and most important, quality of the fish.

We also build a good relationship with other Indonesian exporter/importer, breeder/farmer, and wholeseller. So, with that kind of network, we still can provide you with any of your request outside our stock list.

Computers and technology are highly integrated into the way our business is organized to serve you. You can also send us e-mails, get updates from our website or establish direct contact with us through Instant Messenger (Yahoo!)

Here in, we are continually improving ourselves by researching and trying new innovation that in the end would benefits our customers even more.

Our customer service is available seven days a week (except on official Indonesian holiday) to cater your needs.

Written by Leo Susanto

10 comments to “Tropical Indonesia Freshwater Fish Farm & Exotic Fish”
  1. Bin auf der Suche nach Mikrogeophagus ramirezi ,Betta Wildformen und Endler Guppies.

    Wäre schön wenn Sie mir Ihre Liste einmal zukommen lassen per Mail .Vielen Dank !Schöne Grüße OLiver

  2. I have seen your website,My company is a japanese company,I am intrested in your Discuss,Can you send me the price list in US dollar with my E-mail,the Discuss’s size is 10 centimeter,My order quantity is 500 fish—1000 fish,

  3. hi we are importers into the usa of animals reptiles turtles and tortoises we import into Miami or tampa florida can you send us your price list and details thanks mike frewer zooamerica

  4. Good day

    i have a pet store at Kuwait, and am interested in reptiles, and i would like to deal with you, could you please send for me your stock list of reptiles and your price list.

    Best regards

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