Terms & Conditions


All price are quoted in US DOLLARS F.O.B. Indonesia, excluding packing costs, freight cost & export documentation cost. All prices are indicative, as prices of some fishes are seasonal.


Advance payment by Telegraphic Transfer at the point of confirmation of sale. Payment must be full payment to cover freight charges; cost of goods, packaging cost & exports documentation charges.

Payments of new buyers must be paid in advance (deposit) according to our pro-forma invoice as requested from consignee. Payment must be received in our account before we ship

Payments are not accepted by banker draft or personal checks.

Transfer fee must be paid by consignee.

All payment must be made to the following account :

Our bank account for transfer : (under agreement which bank to transfer)

Bank’s Name: Bank Central Asia, Branch Tajur
Bank’s Address: Jln Raya Tajur no. 65
City: Bogor
Postal Code: 16721
State: West Java
Country: Indonesia
Account’s Name: Aloysius Wijatmoko Pribadi
Account’s Number: 7360142528
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Minimum order quantity

Minimum 10 boxes of fish.
Below those minimum charges is under agreement between consignee and shipper.
Consignee information

Please supply following information at or before the point of order confirmation :

• Buyers name and full address.
• Consignees telephone & Fax number and e-mail address,
• Name of destination airport.
• Name of handling agent, if any.
Delivery lead time

A maximum of 7 working days after full payment receive is required to allow time for checking the health condition of fish, conditioning the fish for export and various export documentation. Shipment is made by air plane and normally will reach you within 48 hours (depending on destination). In any case, shipment time subject to availability of air cargo space for the destination required.


Consignee must specify at point of purchase what documents are required to avoid delay in shipment. Certificates of Origin, Health Certificate etc. will be furnishing upon request and the documentation charges include in the real Invoice.

Charges for CITES is US $ 155 for maximal 500 pieces of stone and if more will be charge for the additional quantity @ US $ 0.30 for each spec able. It need 4 – 5 weeks to get the CITES. The charges must be paid in advance.


Packing charges is @ US$ 13.00/box (74cm x 41cm x 31cm), Styrofoam with double plastic bags. Heatpack is US$ 8.00/box


Fresh water 1 box consist 6 bags (60cm x 40cm).
1 box around 22 kg.

Check our gallery at Export / Import category

Guarantee and Claim

Under normal flights / shipment condition our record is more than 98% survival on arrival at destination airport. Any mortality happened on the way if less than 5% must be accepted by consignee.

We will replace the dead specimen on your next order. Pictures of dead fish must be sent to us immediately within 24 hours after shipment arrived to destination airport. We only accept quality pictures which clearly reveal the quantity in detail. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable packing charge.

In the event of loss due to flight delays or mishandling by airplane: we advice you to check the fish immediately upon the receipt at the airport, preferably with the personnel who bring out your boxes. Claims should be immediately lodged directly to the airline’s concern. If you do not carry out the above procedures, you risk the possibilities of getting your claims rejected. Please note that we are not liable for such DOA. In any event, you’re advised to keep us informed.

We reserve the right to change the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


By some airline there is:

POE charge if any 0.30 US $ (by LH or KLM), and Ware house charges if any.

Fuel charge variable between US $ 0.10 – 0.15 depend on the destination.

AWB charge 3 US$

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