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  1. Hi Sir.

    We are the biggest distributor of onamental fish and turtle in South Korea.

    We are looking for export of Leopard tortoise( Geochelon pardalis) , Star tortoise (Geochelone elagans) and other reptiles.

    I want to check your stock list and freight term.

    Please reply soon

    Thankg you

    from Assistant Ms.Suim

    Gyunggifish in South Korea

    +81-10-7667-6964(English contact)

  2. We are importers into the USA and need all species of turtles and tortoises. We ship into Miami or Tampa International Airports. Please send your price list and availability together with shipping details.

    Mike Frewer

  3. we supply reptiles,birds,mammals,tropical aquarium fish and plant.we ship both cites and non cites species.
    Tortoise,Turtles, monitors lizards, skink, lizards, chameleon,frogs,snail, geckos etc.
    also finch/canary birds and parrot

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