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Written by Leo Susanto

46 comments to “Contact Us”
  1. I have imported in türkey istanbul up to now about fishes. I saw your website, If you want to work our company, Please send me your the list of fishes and price list. I am looking forward to your mail.

    Have you ever send fishes in Turkey?

    If it is ok, Could you say you the delivery of the product’s time. And the duration time of plain.

    Have a nice day.

  2. dear sales manager

    my name is michael .from korea(south)…
    i am interesting your fishes…and have some of question.
    wanna answer to my question please!. you have korea client?? is tearm of sale? is doa rule

    4.where is location (airport)

    5.hope a recive stock list!


    ps: tell me your whats app or other messanger id!

  3. Hi Sir

    My name Mr Joo,i from Malaysia.
    I like to buy large number of Emydura Subglobosa turtle.can you email me the price.

  4. good morning, we would like to receive your price list for turtles and tortoise

    best regards

    Carlos Freire

    00 351 917 811 550

  5. Good evening

    I have a pet shop supplies based in central london. i will be expanding my business much more and i am going to start fish selling very soon . i have looked at the website but i could not find enough information. can you please send me the quots for the following mbuna and tropical fishes:

    Gliding demasoni (pseudotroupheus)
    Lavender mbuna (iodotropheus sprengerea)
    Cobalt blue zebra mbuna (maylandia callainos)
    Yellowtail acei mbuna
    White tale acei mbuna
    Snow white zebra mbuna
    O.B. zebra mbuna (maylandia callainos)
    Red zebra mbuna (pseudotropheus zebra)
    Electric yellow lab mbuna
    Blue socolofi mbuna

    Aulonocara rubescens ruby red peacock
    aulonocara baenchi peacock

    can you please send me the full procedure of payment system and postage system. please do not hasitate to contact me on mobile: 00447544009396 or landline 00442084722172

    many thanks
    abdul bari noorzai

  6. We would like to have your updated stock list for our trial order.

    Your reply will be much appreciated

    Thanks & regards


  7. Dear Sir,
    This is to inform you that I am expoer of plants aquatic and life fish in conakry Republic of Guinea West Africa.
    Please if you interest in our product kindly inform us we can send you our prices list.
    We are waiting for your reply very soon.
    Thanks you and best regards
    Ibrahima KOUROUMA
    BP: 6145 conakry Guina West Africa.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I would like to introduce my company to you as an
    exporter of Tropical live fish and Aquarium plants in Conakry,
    Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

    Please see below the following Species of Plants aquatic that I can
    supply at the moment.

    1. Red Tiger Lotus Nymphaea Zenkeri, with Bright Color.
    2. Green Tiger Lotus Nymphaea Zenkeri,
    3.Crinum (aquatic)natans Bulbs Medium Size.
    4. Crinum Thianum Bulbs, Medium Size.
    5 Bolbities Heudilotti, 5, 6, to 7 leaves with greenish
    6. Crinum (aquatic) natans
    7. Anuabias Gracelli, Anuabias Congensis, Anuabias Afzelli,
    Anuabias Hastifollia
    All prices are in Euro 0.10 / each, also I have about 10.000 Pieces,
    of each kind
    in our stock.
    I am sending the reference of the Tiger Lotus Bulbs so that, you can
    see they quality of our products.
    I am waiting for your confirmation,
    We also export all kinds of Kellies Fishes, Chilies Fishes, such as
    pelvicachromis, Thomasi, Epiplatus
    Family, Hemichromis Sinbalus, etc.

    we also export Polypterus Fishes both small bigger types.
    Let me know the items you need from our plants and fishes

    yours sincere,
    Mr MARA
    TEL(+224) 622 52 51 61
    Service – Commercial
    BP : 4458 CONAKRY

  9. I come from the city of Haiphong, Vietnam. I have aquarium stores. I want to buy some fish tiger INDOR 3 bar size 12-17cm, have pointed to fish, dark, balance bar, most beautiful fish, lines wrapped around the body. Fish such as image quality I enclose. Talk about the price, I want to receive goods in Vietnam. I never buy from Singgapor, I need to do to get the goods. If we cooperate well, I’ll take your regular customers, in bulk. Please send me the clip of your best fish. I do not speak English well, we will communicate by email. i wait u. send me pictures and clips of your tiger fish. I am looking to buy as tiger fish in the clip: . Thank

  10. Dear Sir,

    my name is Mohammed Insayer. I’m a wholesaler and have a fish company in Iraq. I’m interested in fresh water and marine fish. Please send me your price list. Thank you.

    Mohammed Insayer

  11. hi we need turtles and tortoises plus exotic animals we are in florida usa and emport into Miami or tampa please let us have your prices and details thanks mike frewer zooamerica

    • we are waiting for your price list please send this with your shipping details etc thanks mike frewer zooamerica

  12. hello. please send your price list for fish..i have interested arapaima golden, pink, silver platinum arowana..channa barca aligator gar platinum , golden, channa golden, tigrinus catfish.. thank You..darius pilarski

  13. Hi, my name is saichung. what is your prices on 2-3inch Borneo Tiger fish and minimum amount in order, looking forward hearing from you.

    thank you.

  14. Hello, my name is Abdulrahman, im starting a new business and may you please send me the price list of every animal in my email?

  15. Hi,

    I need fresh water fish for an aquarium in Jordan, like stingrays and others. I need more details, so please contact me via email


  16. Dear Sirs,
    i’ve got your contact on the board,i’m Mr.FAM from Cameroon.

    our company name is KAMERUN AQUARIUM,

    we are live reptiles&amphibians;live freshwater fish and live aquatic plants exporter from Cameroon.

    we export the large quantities of chameleons,Rhampholeons spectrum,lizards,geckos,snakes,frogs,arachnids,scorpions…etc

    we have references in AUSTRIA,HUNGARY,JAPAN…etc

    after receive your email,i will forward you our current FOB Pricelist.
    we look forward to hearing from you soon.

    TCHINDA NGOUH Denis Wilson
    Mobile:+237 680595253

  17. I am exporter of live tropical fish,crabs&snails from Nigeria looking for importers of our products worldwide.Thus feel free to ask for our pricelists if you are interested.

  18. I like to see the price list for arowana fish with various size and origin.. I am interested to order from your company. I also need to know the order quantity limit.. thank you, have a nice day.

  19. Dear Sir

    I am running a company related to a pet animal sales.

    I am wondering if you can dispatch some animals you treat to Korea.

    In case of amphibian and reptile in Non-Cites, we can get them without any quarantine in Korea.

    If possible, please send us me the price list of the animals by email, I will refer to it for ordering.

    I will also take it as reference as well if you let me know whether it is possible for you to send the

    animals in Cites II to Korea which can be imported after going through quarantine station.

    e-mail :

    Best regards,

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,
    we are an import/export company of exotic animals set in the North of Italy. We would like to receive your stocklist as we are interested in buying from you some reptiles, small mammals, turtles..
    is it possible to receive a stocklist?
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Mini Zoo Rinaldi Denis

  21. hello
    my name is yonatan & i am from israel.
    i would like you to send me your fish list & stock list with prices, qtt per box.
    i have i big shop in israel for special fresh water fish.
    thank you

  22. Dear Sir,
    I met an advertisement of your company in the Internet. We would like to know more about your company’s products offers and would appreciate receiving your wholesale price list. We will look forward to your prompt response. Thank you.

    tel. +972 504308864
    fax: +972 39363050

  23. hello, can you please send me the price list as I am going to start a pet store located in Kuwait and I would love to buy from you if I could take a look at your price list.

    best regards, Abdulrahman

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