Turtle & Tortoise

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  1. Hi

    We are currently import/wholesalers of tropical fish into South Africa and
    have grown our business to a stage where we need a supplier with all of
    the products that we require under one roof.We are currently dealing with
    suppliers in Indonesia and Malaysia and get very competitive pricing from
    both suppliers.

    We would like to deal with you because of your product range and possible
    a saving on freight because we will only be dealing with one supplier.
    Could you please forward us your price list ASAP as we would like to start
    working with it before we place our next order with our current suppliers.

    Please include pricing for Koi and turtles as well as we currently have
    order for these items among the other tropical fish orders that we have.We
    also have a market for Discus if the price is rite.

    Please email us your price list ASAP.


    Tel : +27828858081
    Email : kalvi@enterprisems.com

  2. Hi Katherine,Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my work and cinmentomg. Many people do see bones as a symbol of death. I look at them as a part of the cycle of life. They are the skeleton on which our bodies are built. I often look at the structural parts of things, the roots of trees, the bones of the body. These parts bear the birth of what is built around them. So why many see death I see life!

  3. Perfect shots, actually.a0 I take it, from lniokog at the other images too, that years meeting the quality demands of the microstock world does wonders for one’s photography. Not a hint of laziness in any of these shots.What I’m liking most, so far, is that this is also a great blog to read.

  4. – Techno SAVVY! Way to go! I just downloaded it and it is way cool. Unsurprisingly, it was the only one that poeppd up when I typed orange turtle’ in the search bar. I’ll be checking your blog more often now. keep up the goodness.

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