Freshwater Fish

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  3. To me a tropical aruaqum is one of the easier aquariums to start with. Go for a larger tank such as a 20 or 29 gallon if you can, the larger the tank is the easier it will be to maintain water chemistry. Make sure you do lots of research on how to properly care for your new aquarium, there will be alot of things you don’t even think about that requires your attention. Tropical tanks are alot of fun becasue you can mix species of fish as long as they get along, resulting in a bright and fun tank! Aquariums are not extrememly difficult to maintain as long as you do everything properly. They require vacuuming about once a month, water changes, filter care and feeding of course! Different people will give you different answers as to how often you should change the water or vacuum your tank, it really all depends on how many fish you have, how much you feed them and you! After caring for the tank for awhile you will easily fall into a pattern that suits you best. Fish tanks are enjoyable and rather easy to maintain if the effort is put in. I hope you enjoy your new tank!!

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