How To Order

To make an order, please follow the following procedure:

Obtaining Our Stock List

Send us an e-mail to sales[@] with the complete detail of your personal/company information or just click this link

Send your Order

Please send your detailed order, with your payment method, by e-mail or fax to us. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can to finalize the details.

Thank you for bringing your business to TropicIndo.

10 comments to “How To Order”
  1. We are a young company the world seeks suppliers of High-quality freshwater ornamental fish​
    how are your minimum quantities?​
    how are your shipping rates?​
    You already have customers in Germany?

    DE-Zierfisch UG

    Dennis Riegel
    executive Director

    • Yes, we actually have been importing from Germany also. Do you know a company name Glaser? You can verified us by them, our owner Luis usually the one who deals with them.

  2. Hi

    We are currently import/wholesalers of tropical fish into South Africa and
    have grown our business to a stage where we need a supplier with all of
    the products that we require under one roof.We are currently dealing with
    suppliers in Indonesia and Malaysia and get very competitive pricing from
    both suppliers.

    We would like to deal with you because of your product range and possible
    a saving on freight because we will only be dealing with one supplier.
    Could you please forward us your price list ASAP as we would like to start
    working with it before we place our next order with our current suppliers.

    Please include pricing for Koi and turtles as well as we currently have
    order for these items among the other tropical fish orders that we have.We
    also have a market for Discus if the price is rite.

    Please email us your price list ASAP.


    Tel : +27828858081
    Email :

    • I have imported in türkey istanbul up to now about fishes. I saw your website, If you want to work our company, Please send me your the list of fishes and price list. I am looking forward to your mail.

      Have you ever send fishes in Turkey?

      If it is ok, Could you say you the delivery of the product’s time. And the duration time of plain.

      Have a nice day.

  3. hi we are importers of animals reptiles turtles and tortoises into the usa Miami or tampa florida can you help with any of the above please send prices and details thanks mike frewer zooamerica

  4. Dear Sir/ Madam ,
    Our company Friendship Aquatics LTD, a Nigerian based company, specializes in the export of different types of live tropical fish

    (freshwater fish )reptiles , aquatic Plants and Africa Snails

    We can, and are willing to, meet your demand for the above mentioned items.

    We look forward to hearing from you.



    Friendship Aquatics LTD


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