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  1. Good evening tropic indo, im jay ong from the philippines, i want to ask if you export here in philippines? Im a importer here in our country, i am looking for another supplier in your country for silver arowana, jardini, green arowana, rtg, clown loach, black ghost, aligator gar, spotted gar, and all kinds of polypterus etc. is your farm near in tangerang? Ive been there 3months ago and stay in pop hotel, and willing to go back again to visit your farm. Do you have whatsaap or viber? For faster communication. Thank you

  2. I come from the city of Haiphong, Vietnam. I have aquarium stores. I want to buy some fish tiger INDOR 3 bar size 12-17cm, have pointed to fish, dark, balance bar, most beautiful fish, lines wrapped around the body. Fish such as image quality I enclose. Talk about the price, I want to receive goods in Vietnam. I never buy from Singgapor, I need to do to get the goods. If we cooperate well, I’ll take your regular customers, in bulk. Please send me the clip of your best fish. I do not speak English well, we will communicate by email. send me pictures and clips of your tiger fish. I am looking to buy as tiger fish in the clip: http://youtu.be/SmhkomtpgM8 . Thank. I wait u

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